SWAP PHV : Ethereum based token to Binance based token


Follow the steps below carefully and slowly.

Step1. PHV transfer

Step2. Enter remittance transaction hash value

Step3. Enter your binance wallet address

Step1. PHV transfer

A. Send the PHV you want to swap to your Ethereum account below.

( The minimum PHV swap is 10 )

* Ethreum Address : 0x85a7420cbC078D5158B4b854572684A35432473c

** very important. Be sure to send it to the above address.

** Be sure to send only PHV to the above address. Do not send any other tokens or ETH.

** If you do not follow the above precautions, you may lose your assets.

B. Copy the transaction hash value after the transfer.

Step2. Enter remittance transaction hash value

A. Paste the transaction hash value you copied earlier into the Transaction hash field below.

Transaction hash:

Step3. Enter your binance wallet address

** This is a very important task.

** Please enter your binance wallet address.

** If you fill in incorrectly, you may lose your PHV.

__ If you do not have a binance wallet address, please create one at binance.org

Your Binance Address:

Within a few minutes of swapping you will see the phv swapped from the binance account you entered.

f it has not been processed for several hours, please contact the administrator below.

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